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Dental Crowns

Our teeth may be made from the toughest material in the body, but they still are vulnerable to damage. Crowns fit over teeth that have had extensive damage and are letting your smile down as a result. Made from a variety of materials, crowns are used to restore strength, shape and appearance.

Crowns are an aesthetic restoration for broken, decayed or discoloured teeth, or those with large fillings. They are matched in size, shape and colour to sit comfortably alongside existing teeth. As crowns completely cover up the tooth, it’s necessary to remove part of the tooth to accommodate the restoration.

Replacing missing teeth with implants and crowns

For individual missing teeth, crowns can be secured to dental implants to replace missing teeth. Using implants and crowns in combination, the result is the next best thing to a natural tooth.

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What does the treatment involve?

We check for any damage to the internal structure of the tooth. Then we remove a layer of enamel from the tooth to accommodate the crown. We take digital impressions of the prepared tooth and record the shade. This information is packaged up ready to send to the dental laboratory where the crown is made.

We provide a temporary crown so the tooth is protected. When we see you again for the fitting of your custom crown, the temporary crown is removed and the new permanent one fixed in place with a strong dental cement.

As long as crowns are looked after carefully, by avoiding very hard foods and thoroughly cleaning teeth, they offer a natural-looking restoration that can last for years.

We are dedicated to giving each of our patients the healthy smile they deserve!