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Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a short-term orthodontic solution that realigns teeth quickly and more discreetly than traditional braces. It is faster acting because it focuses purely on the front six to eight teeth that show when you smile, without employing harsh forces.

Dr Megha Deval is accredited provider for Six Months Smile.

It uses customised clear brackets and tooth coloured wires to gently straighten teeth, offering a less noticeable alternative to fixed metal braces. It can be used to address crooked, misaligned or overly spaced teeth, and results are usually achieved in 6-9 months.

Woman Smiling with Braces

Treatment steps

  • The treatment process starts with a consultation and the devising of customised treatment plan.
  • Impressions are taken of your teeth.
  • The brackets, wires and a template are created in a laboratory.
  • When ready, the brackets are attached to your teeth with a special dental cement and the wires put in place.
  • Regular checks and adjustments will be required every 5-6 weeks.

After treatment, you will need to wear a retainer to keep your newly positioned teeth neatly in place.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

What is six month smiles?

Six month Smiles is a treatment that straightens teeth at a faster rate and more subtly than standard braces. As the treatment focuses on the front six to eight teeth, it removes the need for rigorous forces. Instead, clear brackets and tooth coloured wires are used to straighten teeth!

How does six month smiles work?

Your orthodontist will schedule a consultation and provide you with a customised treatment plan, and take teeth impressions. The brackets, wires and a template will be made separately to then be attached with dental cement.

Every 5-6 weeks checks will be scheduled in order to make adjustments and a retainer will be needed afterwards to maintain your smile.

Is it possible to wear braces for only 6 months?

The Six Month Smile can be achieved in six months, it can take up to nine months or an even shorter amount of time.

Can Six Month Smiles fix an overbite?

It can be used to address crooked, misaligned or overly spaced teeth as well as an overbite!

How fast can teeth be straightened?

It can depend from person to person, but straight teeth can be achieved very quickly or up to six months.

What People Say…

Zohaib Khan
Zohaib Khan
Most amazing dental practice I have been to! Very kind and friendly staff as well a highly qualified skilled dentist! Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my teeth! Absolutely love love the results, the dentist here won’t stop until you are 110% satisfied! Excellent service specially Dr zena
Jennifer Di Costanzo
Jennifer Di Costanzo
Friendly and very kind
Doreen Osei
Doreen Osei
I have been going to St Helier Dental Surgery for a few years now and my experience has always been a positive one. All the staff are friendly and professional. I recently had the boutique whitening treatment done with Dr Zena and she is one of the nicest people I have ever met. She genuinely cared for me as a person which put me at ease throughout the treatment. It was very uplifting to see how excited she was for the success of my treatment. It is also reassuring to see how the surgery is following government guidelines when it comes to the Covid-19 pandemic. I highly recommend this dental surgery.
Wendy Payne
Wendy Payne
Saw Zena and Jen this morning. Incredibly happy with the service I was given. And I would highly recommend. 5 stars ladies
ernest boamah
ernest boamah
Lidia Arion
Lidia Arion
I'm very grateful to Dr ZENA Al-ansari for referring my daughter for orthodontic treatment. I had their call only few days later,pleasantly surprised due to current situation. Dr Zena is very calm and patient every time we visit the surgery,explaining every step of the treatment. Thank you indeed for being dedicated to your patients! Highly reccomended surgery.
Cristian Barnes
Cristian Barnes
Chris Mackenzie
Chris Mackenzie
Very calming and helpful always does the best for me. Dr Zena is very kind and put me at ease. Very clean practice and amazing staff.
Sveta Log
Sveta Log
Francis Moorghen
Francis Moorghen
I was very pleased with my treatment. I recommend Dr Zena, she is always amazing and trying her best to help and fit me in and providing best service.

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